Thanks For Telling Me

Thanks For Telling Me

When my eldest son turned 13 some 9 years ago, a friend laughingly advised that I should ask him anything I needed to know because,as of today, he knew everything. Now the proud owner of a 22, 19 and 15-year-old I often reflect on how right that friend was as there is no end to the advice I receive, unsolicited or otherwise.On any given day I can learn how I should be, driving a car, roasting a potatoe, seasoning a chilli, ironing, talking, consuming or not consuming alcohol…. the list is endless. In fact, how I navigated life in the 40 years preceding my eldest’s 13th birthday is a complete mystery.  In the words of Kylie, “I Should Be So Lucky”. Yes, Kylie, who is unbelievably the same age as me, but, as I often explain, hasn’t pushed 3 people out into the world and had the benefit of their opinions for the last 2 decades! The irony is that I still feel  there is so much advice I still need to give them and I’m running out of time. Two of them have already spent time living away from home but when they’re back they’re so busy advising me, I can’t get a word in edgeways.

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