Life in the Midlife Lane

Life in the Midlife Lane

So , why am I writing this blog?  That’s easy; Middle Age is amazingly complex and I am astounded, on an almost daily basis, by the amount of hurdles we have to jump, decisions we have to make and life changing situations, either our older children or, even older parents, put us in. And where’s the help? When you think about all of those parenting books available to you when you’re pregnant, have a new baby,  breast-feed, bottle-feed or toilet train. Then there are the books on how to dress, how to cook, how to furnish our homes, keep relationships alive etc but very few tell us how to do these things whilst juggling the complexities of adult children living under our roof, aging parents needing our help, normally a couple of hormonal teenagers too and our own menopausal symptoms to boot. It’s a minefield and I know there are lots of us grappling with the same issues. It’s not all bad though. This age should still be about fun and hopefully we’ve got a bit more time for ourselves too. So this blog isn’t about answers, more an outlet for the highs and lows that come along and I hope, a chance to find out how you other mid-lifers are dealing with middle-aged life, whatever that might mean.


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