The Youth Of Today

The Youth Of Today

They can get quite a bad press, these “Millennials” of ours, but you have to speak as you find and I’ve seen some great examples of our future generations recently.

Waiting in line at our local Co-op, with just a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk in hand , I suddenly realised that the queue was moving very slowly. On seeing an older lady at the till, I assumed she was struggling to pack or get her money out, however,what was actually happening, was the young cashier, carefully removing fiddly plastic tags and pre-opening jars and packets, so that the lady would be able to open them when she got home. “Her hands are a bit stiff”, she explained. I was so touched by her kindness and told her so when I came to pay. ” We do that for her every day”, she explained.

One of the nicer things about our kids growing up is being able to spend more time with the Husband and this week we snatched a couple of sunny days away in Brighton. The hotel was lovely but we were amazed at the young and seemingly inexperienced staff being left to run the whole show, we needn’t have worried, they were great. Everyone from the receptionist to the bar manager was a true professional with a genuine interest in their job and a love of the area. So refreshing.

However, my favourite example of great kids was last Saturday night, when Husband and I had planned a quiet night in for ourselves but agreed to number 2 son having “pre-drinks” with his mates at ours. Instead of secreting themselves in a separate room, they joined us in the garden, one having brought us a bottle of wine he thought we’d like. Before we knew it, the clock had literally struck 1am and we’d had a great night drinking, chatting and yes, boogeying ,with our boys and their friends. Priceless.

The fact is that all of us have been or will be the “Youth of today” and we’ve all had a bad press at some point. Personally, I’ve learned a lot from my kids. I love their openness, their acceptance and their realisation that our generation have a lot to answer for.


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